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    Date: 21st - 25th July 2014

    ISSET’s Mission Discovery programme is a great opportunity for ordinary students to do something extraordinary.

    High school and university students carry out biomedical research with NASA astronauts, rocket scientists and trainers for a week at one of the best universities in the world. In teams, you will propose an idea for your own biomedical experiment; the best idea will be sent to the International Space Station and put into practice in space.

    With help from brilliant NASA role models, astronauts, astronaut trainers, scientists and engineers; you will learn about space through a variety of exhilarating hands-on activities, based on themes such as:

  • NASA leadership and team building
  • How space exploration benefits life on Earth
  • Experiencing the environment of space
  • Looking at different kinds of experiment & what makes them great
  • How you succeed in your dreams and ambitions

  • Take a look at the Valparasio College of Engineering Website here.

    To learn more or to share information about Mission Discovery at Valparaiso University, Indiana, download one of our PDF packages:

    Valparaiso University, Indiana Mission Discovery 2014 Brochure