The International Space School Educational Trust (ISSET) works in partnership with some of the worlds leading space organisations to deliver unique learning opportunities for students of all ages. Each of our programmes offer something unique, whether it be on an international excursion learning from some of the greatest minds in the world or our unique Mission Discovery challenge where you can send your experiment into Space. Through close working relationships with different aerospace organisations ISSET lets you team up with astronauts, rocket scientists and leading business professionals at the highest level. At ISSET we categorise students as a person/ persons of any age undertaking a programme from which they can gather new knowledge. We like to think that if you come on one of our programmes at any level you will become a student at some point and take away something new. ISSET is a registered UK charity founded in 1998.


  • Inspire and motivate young people through STEM and space exploration.
  • Give ordinary people the opportunity to achieve something extraordinary
  • Recognising an appreciation of what humans can achieve
  • Instilling the NASA 'you can do it' spirit!

"ISSET does great work across the world. I know of no other organisation that avis as effective in preparing people for future life in leadership and cutting edge careers such as space exploration, science and the technologies."

- Jay Honeycutt, Former NASA Director of Kennedy Space Centre & President of Lockheed Martin Space Operations

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