Astronaut Leadership Experience

  • Overview
  • Becoming a Leader

  • Choose a Programme:
  • Lake District, UK with Astronaut Michael Foale
  • Arctic Norway, Arctic Circle with Astronaut Mark Kelly
  • Gobi Desert, Mongolia with Astronaut Ken Ham

  • Build Your Leadership & Team Work Skills

    Leadership & Team Building

    During the programme the ALE students will take on a range of leadership roles:

  • Designated Leadership: Taking responsibility for the group and its goals
  • Active Membership: Supporting the designate leader and participating in group decision
  • Collegiate Leadership: The team works together, supports each other and is proactive in achieving group goals
  • Personal Leadership: ALE students will have to take care of themselves and show initiative.
  • Great leaders have certain skills which are the same whether you are outdoors, at work or at home:

  • General Behaviour: Co-operation, conflict resolution, teamwork, motivation, making the most of diverse people and their skills
  • Communication: Empathy, timing, clear feedback, active listening and expressing what you think and need
  • Decision-Making: Utilising the strengths and skills of the group, organisation, management and developing good judgement
  • Dealing with Challenge: Adapting to changes and unknowns, taking on hard work and challenges, seeing challenges as opportunities, humour, keeping perspective, thinking clearly under pressure
  • Self-Awareness: Know your strengths and weaknesses, benefit from experience, understand your own leadership style and how it influences others and take account of how your words and actions affect others
  • Vision: Having the end in mind, taking initiatives, being creative, establishing goals to guide group actions and being able to make progress in adversity