Astronaut Leadership: Rwanda

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  • Overview
  • Why Rwanda?
  • Innovation in Water and Cooking
  • Astronaut Ron Garan
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  • Advance your Life Skills and Strengthen a Community

    The Astronaut Leadership Experience: A programme of leadership, team building and personal development that will focus on how to make a difference.

    In Rwanda the population’s median age is currently 18.4 years, and the percentage of the population who are over 60 is 4%.

    Only 30% of children are enrolled in secondary education (http://www.

    The programme will involve learning from the environment, community and education leaders and aid groups in Rwanda as well as from our Astronaut led team. You will have the opportunity to work with young people in Rwanda who need literacy and educational support.

    The power of ICT, especially collaboration technologies will be harnessed to bring talent together across continents and support schools in Rwanda in using mobile technologies to transform lives and economic futures.

    Programme Goal:

    Learn together and engage with Rwandan Communities to develop a global community of young people in the UK and Rwanda. Be a part of establishing an IT platform and network of interactive collaboration support to cultivate literacy, digital literacy, future leadership, life skills and attitudes necessary for active citizenship.

    Be a part of increasing young people’s abilities to find employment, be advocates for the most vulnerable, be agents of change and empower them to care for their dependents and end cycles of neglect.