ALE in the Gobi Desert

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  • A Week in the Gobi with ALE

    First you will set up your camp, a traditional Mongolian Ger in Khongoriin Els Sand Dunes that extend for 180 km. We will explore the area by camel on the flatter Dunes, while hiking through and climbing up the Singing Dunes which reach up to 200m in height. The sound produced by the moving sand can be mistaken for the sound of an aeroplane!

    To really explore the South Gobi province we will have to drive to Yolyn Am. Here ALE students get to hike through the Yolyn Am canyon, which is often completely shaded from the sun by high cliff walls and it’s famous for ice formations even during the hot summer months.

    Jumping back into the jeeps we’ll head back up to the middle of the Gobi and Baga Gazriin Chuluu, an outstanding granite formation in the middle of the Mongolian Sandy plane. At the foot of the formation we will visit the recently constructed Delgeruun Choira Monastery.

    After your backpacks are back on we’ll be hiking over the sand dunes and on to Bayanzag. Bayanzag is a saxual (large Asian shrub) forest and area of red cliffs. These Flaming Cliffs themselves are very imposing and are the site of dinosaur skeleton and egg findings, making it one of the world’s most famous palaeontology sites.

    Following this we head to Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia and visit the Monastery of Erdene-Zuu and trek through the National Park Mountain Khugnu Khaan. The Monastery of Erdene-Zuu was built in 1586 and is surrounded by a vast 400 m wall. It is one of the very few remaining ornate temples left following the communist purges.