Cosmonaut Leadership

Draft Itinerary

Day 1

- Check into the Cosmos Hotel

- VIP tour of the Russian Space Shuttle, Buran

Day 2

- Guided tour of the Moscows’ most iconic attractions, Red Square, Kremlin and Lenin Mausoleum

- Shopping at the GUM, a former palace with shops underground

- Check into Star City’s high security complex accommodation

Day 3

- GCTC Grand Tour (ISS, “Soyuz” and “Mir” training centers)

- Space Knowledge viewing in multimedia room

- Gagarin Museum tour

- Mir Station overview in a virtual Mission Control Centre

- Wilderness Survival lecture

Day 4

- Mir training: Learn how to operate the Mir Space Station

- Lecture at virtual Mission Control Centre

- Soyuz Docking Simulation

Day 5

- Wilderness Survival Training

- Hands-on training, wearing the “Orlan” and “Sokol” space suits

- Mir Scavenger Hunt

Day 6

- Arrive back in Moscow

- Reflect on your last few days at the Museum of Cosmonautics and see images, artefacts and stories about the people you have worked with in Star City

- See Moscow’s sights by night while enjoying dinner aboard Moscows Boat Tour

Day 7

- Check-out and depart Moscow for home