Cosmonaut Space & Leadership Experience

Train like the real Cosmonauts and Astronauts on the same equipment and facilities at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Star City near Moscow.

Stay in Star City, the world’s training centre for Cosmonauts and Astronauts who are about to venture into space.

Develop the exceptional team building and communication skills acquired by astronauts using the same scenarios, equipment and challenges that enable human space flight.

See the sights of Moscow, including Red Square and the Kremlin.

*Flights, transport, meals, accommodation, travel insurance, entrance fees, leadership and Cosmonaut training instructors are all inclusive of the cost

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Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre

You will have the privilege of staying at the high security YGCTC. Tours will include; the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, where Cosmonauts and Astronauts train underwater for space walking, the world’s largest Centrifuge which simulates the effects of different gravitational forces on the Cosmonauts and Astronauts and the Gagarin Museum that charts the history for the Russian Space Programme.

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Space Suit Training

The “Sokol” crew suit is the main lifesaver for the crew members inside the spacecraft. Understand how the suit creates its own pressure, how to work in the suit and how it saves lives. Train in how to don the space suit and how to work in it.

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Soyuz Spacecraft Training

Training in how to live and work in the Soyuz spacecraft; how to understand controls relating to launch, orbiting the Earth, docking with the space station and re-entry, together with how to handle cargo and life support systems.

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Getting Suited Up for Space Walking

Training in the composition, operating principles, how to help crewmates, how to work and keep safe in Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) space walking suits.

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Mission Control Training

Train at Star City in the Moscow Mission Control Centre in launch, orbit, docking and re-entry control. Visit the Russian Mission Control Centre in Moscow.

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Soyuz Manned Spacecraft Rendezvous & Docking

Train on the simulators that are used by Cosmonauts and Astronauts to master rendezvous and docking in space.

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MIR Space Station Mock-up Practical

Carry out Astronaut and Cosmonaut training activities and accomplish tasks inside the MIR space station training mockup.

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Cosmonaut & Astronaut Survival Training

Undertake training like the Astronauts and Cosmonauts who are prepared for survival in case their capsule on return to Earth lands in a wilderness environment.

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See the sights of Moscow

See the sights of Moscow, including Red Square and the Kremlin.

Sample Itinerary

  • Check into the Cosmos Hotel.
  • VIP tour of the Russian Space Shuttle, Buran.

  • Guided tour of the Moscows’ most iconic attractions, Red Square, Kremlin and Lenin Mausoleum.
  • Shopping at the GUM, a former palace with shops underground.
  • Check into Star City’s high security complex accommodation.

  • GCTC Grand Tour (ISS, “Soyuz” and “Mir” training centers).
  • Space Knowledge viewing in multimedia room.
  • Gagarin Museum tour.
  • Mir Station overview in a virtual Mission Control Centre.
  • Wilderness Survival lecture.

  • Mir training: Learn how to operate the Mir Space Station.
  • Lecture at virtual Mission Control Centre.
  • Soyuz Docking Simulation.

  • Wilderness Survival Training.
  • Hands-on training, wearing the “Orlan” and “Sokol” space suits.
  • Mir Scavenger Hunt.

  • Arrive back in Moscow.
  • Reflect on your last few days at the Museum of Cosmonautics and see images, artefacts and stories about the people you have worked with in Star City.
  • See Moscow’s sights by night while enjoying dinner aboard Moscows Boat Tour.

  • Check-out and depart Moscow for home.

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Cosmonaut Space & Leadership Experience


Please enquire about 2018 dates and cost.

Costs do vary slightly. If you are interested in signing up for the Cosmonaut Space & Leadership programme as a group, please contact us via email on: or telephone the office on +44(0)2920 710295.

Our cost includes: Airfares, all transport, meals, accommodation, travel insurance, all entrance fees, leadership and Cosmonaut training instructors.

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